Why the Research Phase is Critical When Hiring a Web Design Agency

web designInvesting in a professionally designed website is a an important decision for your business marketing efforts. A website is not just a simple platform to market your products or services online but also plays a huge role in generating leads and building a credible brand. If you are planning to design a new website for your business, you will have to choose the right web design agency. To select the most qualified, you need to evaluate different web design companies. Why should you research a web design agency before hiring them?

Find Out About Their Credentials

One of the reasons for researching web design agencies is to know if they have the right reputation. It’s important that you entrust your business to established professionals who are well-recognized in the industry. By doing a background check, you will learn about their qualifications, their level of expertise, years of experience, professional accreditation, and track record. By understanding these different aspects of their professionalism, you can easily choose a trusted team to deliver the best results for your web design project.

Understand Their Core Services

seoResearching a web design agency helps you understand their core services. You will be able to understand the various solutions they provide for your design project. Expect a reliable company to offer a complete range of services for your business from planning, design, and development, SEO, web marketing, content creation, webmaster services, social media management to brand management. Creating an appealing website alone is not enough to achieve your business goals. By evaluating different agencies, you will easily choose one that provides the right solutions for your business needs. Make sure the have reviews online posted by reputable websites like Bark.com. Look for reviews that have glowing reviews like this one: https://www.bark.com/en/company/webcreationuk/88E1/

Understand the Web Design Strategies Involved

How do they help you achieve your goals? Doing some research will give you a good idea of the strategies that web design agencies use to help business owners achieve both their short-term and long-term goals. Are you building a website for informational purposes only? Do you want a website to market your products or services online? Depending on your goals, evaluating strategies that agencies use will help you determine the most suitable for your business needs. For instance, if you are focused on lead generation, find out what front-end and back-end solutions the agency uses to achieve your goal.

Get the Best Fit For Your Business

Considering the huge number of companies offering web design solutions, choosing the most qualified agency to hire can seem challenging. However, by doing extensive research on potential web design agencies, you will be in a better position to make a smart choice. Evaluating their past design work, case studies and even talking to their past clients gives you better insights on what to expect from their services. Remember that research is not just about browsing online. Arrange face-to-face consultations with at least two agencies and discuss your needs, brainstorm ideas and ask questions.

Hiring a professional web design agency is a smart move for business owners. By doing your research right, you will get to work with a highly reputable and experienced company that will help you build a highly responsive and appealing website and also implement the best digital marketing strategies to benefit your business.

6 of The Best Coffee Gifts for Christmas

At ACOE, we are true coffee lovers. And generally, most techie are too. We usually restrict our writing to tech, but with the holidays coming up, and so many people around the office looking for the perfect gift, we simply coul-not-help-ourselves! True coffee lovers like ourselves are already mad about their coffee which makes them kind of an easy lot to please especially when it comes to finding them the perfect coffee gifts for Christmas. All you have to do is to uncover most outstanding and easily lovable coffee related thing out there that reminds them of coffee and they’ll adore you for life! There’ a good chance that a few last minute changes to the will might include you too!

I’m talking about an inspiring gift item that makes them feel like a shot of coffee every time they see it or something irresistibly awesome that they enjoy using all the time to make an improved version of their regular cup of delicious coffee for them to savor while thanking their lucky stars for having someone thoughtful like you who cares for them that much! The trick is thinking outside the box. Here are the top 6 gift ideas that any coffee lover is sure to fall in love with.

Coffee Everywhere! A Cup of Coffee in Timbuktu

coffee travel kit giftThere are people who wish they could avoid drive-through or gas station coffee and take their coffee with them everywhere they went. Maybe you’re one of them too… so let me introduce you to the Timbuktu 2 Coffee Travel Kit. As the tagline goes, “Just add water”! This travel kit comes in a rugged carrying bag designed and built for durability with separated fairly roomy compartments that fit all items snuggly that come with the kit. The Timbuktu 2 Portable Coffee Kit includes a grinder, a re-sealable plastic bag to store your fresh coffee beans, two enamel tumblers and a pair of zarfs to hold the hot tumblers, a filter, and a dripper. It’s the ultimate coffee companion for people who enjoy their own delicately prepared fresh brew on the go.

Over 18 Only: The Cup of Spiked Coffee

smuggle mug giftThe “Flask Mug” totally legalizes bringing booze to the courthouse or in the board meeting! Although the mug itself looks a bit simplistic, it’s the little flask on the side that makes this mug such a fun thing to own. You can almost get away with swallowing a shot of your favorite hot drink no matter where you are because it looks and feels so deviously cool when doing it from the miniature flask. The good thing, however, is that the –food grade- stainless steel miniature hip flask is only large enough to hold something for the nerves (and the jokes…) and not nearly enough to get you busted for DUI. Another thing is that the tiny flask is strapped onto the mug using a colored leather belt which means with the proper care, this mug, and your sneaky drink can last a lifetime. Please note that this mug is recommended for recipients or buyers above the legal drinking age! And don’t forget to pour your coffee in first!

Freaked Out Taste Buds: Some Kick Ass Coffee Blends

Just like with everything else we form tight relationships with or make a habit of, coffee can quickly become just another addictive drug or daily ritual that we simply endure to help us get through the day and not something we look forward to or sit down to enjoy. Sometimes we need to rekindle the fire and get our taste buds doing the “dab” by trying something new. Now, instead of going for those readily packed coffee gift packs with predictable coffee blends, why not go for individual coffee brands of your choice and create your own unique collection of coffee blends specifically selected for that coffee maniac in your life. I have three coffees to get you started then you can get creative as you browse more coffee exotic brands.

Warning, the following combination of strong coffee may be too black and highly exciting for your taste buds to handle. Are you ready to take the coffee challenge?

* Death Wish – double the caffeine, twice as black and perfectly roasted dark whole coffee beans that you can grind yourself every time you need a quick fix. You can also buy the Death Wish airtight canister to store your coffee beans if the bag is not enough to keep the beans dry and fresh. Online coffee gift reviewers call this coffee a “swift kick in the ass” because it really gets you going! You can also get the Pumpkin flavored Death Wish Coffee.

* Kicking Horse – this brand actually has one of their varieties of coffees named “Kick Ass”. Then there are the three sisters and the bear claw coffee.

* Bitch-Slap – Now, here is something to keep you awake for weeks…! Bitch slap coffee is extra smooth and extra strong, just like coffee is meant to be. The rich aroma and extra dose of caffeine are what keeps you coming back. Who are we kidding, the name too is quite hilarious especially when visitors come knocking. It almost makes you wanna ask… “Hey, does anyone want a serving of bitch slap?

Koffee Kult – the name says it all! Just recruit a new member for the Kult this coming holiday season and you might just be promoted to assistant high priest!

Fooling With Physics: The Mad Coffee Genius

Gloves… check! Evil scientist protective glasses… check! Long white lab coat just because… check! Evil laugh… check! Let go brewing! The Kendal Glass Tabletop Syphon Coffee brewer comes right out of an old sci-fi movie. In addition to siphoning up to 5 cups at a go, this coffee making apparatus is made of heat resistant glass which also makes it easy to clean and maintain. The Kendal Syphon Coffee Maker is very easy to use and you just won’t stop yourself from thinking, “Why don’t they make everything easy for everyone by simply substituting regular Chemistry with Coffee Chemistry in school?” Get your mad coffee scientist on and enjoy your shots of scientific coffee with the Kendal Syphon Coffee brewer today.

Enrich Your Coffee Tradition: Over 35 Global Coffee Cultures and Amazing Coffee Facts in Hardcover

The only other thing you need to go with your coffee is a good book, and James Hoffmann knows exactly what you need to be reading. The World Atlas of Coffee is a collection of fun and very interesting information about all the coffee in the world. The book teaches you how to select your coffee, how to prepare it, and how to enjoy it. Did you know there are over 35 distinct world cultures that have their own unique coffee cultures? Learn them all, taste them all. This is one book that every coffee lover must read at least once before they pass on to coffee heaven!

Engage The Right Coffee Society: Hardcore Coffee Lovers Sharing More Than Just Coffee Ideas

Last but not least, everyone needs to belong somewhere. You need to surround yourself with people who share your beliefs and views about coffee. You need your own coffee tribe! A coffee subscription may be the last thing on your mind or anyone’s mind for that matter, but think of those people who don’t have the time or the opportunity to get their own coffee? Some coffee subscriptions deliver different types of coffee right to your doorstep!

Single roaster subscriptions like Caveman Coffee offer the best coffee subscription we have seen in terms of unique add-ons and multiple roaster subscriptions like craft coffee gift are just some of the highest quality, across although there are many other that deliver almost the same quality service. The deliveries can be made weekly or monthly depending on the terms of your subscription. You can also help make the world a better place for all “human beans” by subscribing to Citizen Bean who donate a portion of monthly sales to different charities selected each month. Become a coffee superhero today and save the world, one sip of coffee at a time!

Parting Shot

So there you have it, the ultimate coffee gifts for this Christmas. The ideas may appear simple and nothing out of the ordinary… but they say it’s the little things that count! Say more by giving small gifts that speak volumes.

How to Remove a Virus From Your Computer

Virus on your computer? Do not know what to do to remove a computer virus? ACOE gives you some solid advice for removing viruses and malware from your computer that helps you who are unfamiliar with computers!

Quick Facts
How long will it take?
It all depends on how severe the infection is. 

What do I need
An anti-virus software

What will I learn?
How to remove Viruses from your computer.

The virus is not a problem that becomes less online, on the contrary, the problem only increases. Symantec is one of the major antivirus companies on earth expects that one in five Internet users encounter viruses. If this isn’t something you are comfortable doing on your own, you can contact a company like this for pc repair in Sacramento, CA.

How do you know you have a virus?

computer virusToday virus writers are skilled. It is far from certain that you know you have a virus. In most cases not noticed it until they got serious problems of intrusion and theft of important data such as passwords. Sometimes these symptoms appear on your computer

  • The computer has become strangely slow!
  • Your browser looks different or sends you to a page you have not chosen yourself.
  • If you start the files that won’t work and the computer says the file is corrupt.
  • The computer started crashing.

Unfortunately, there is no single technological process but there are tools to help you. These are the steps you must do to bring order to your computer.

  1. Buy / download antivirus
  2. Do you already have an antivirus installed? Make sure the program with the latest virus definitions
  3. Do a full scan of your computer using antivirus software

The best way to remove a virus!

A safe way to remove viruses is to use a bootable CD (equivalent to USB drive also works) where there is an antivirus (with latest definitions) to scan the device. Alternatively, you can connect the drive to a friend’s computer has antivirus software installed (with latest updates) and do a full disk scan.

A good program to use for this is ClamWin Free Antivirus. This is an open source antivirus software that anyone can download and use. You can easily save it on a USB stick

If you do not have an antivirusCD proceed as follows :

Step 1: Make sure you have an updated antivirus installed.

If you already have an antivirus installed, make sure it is updated.

Before you install an antivirus program, close all open programs and close all suspicious processes using Task Manager. Sometimes you need to start up in Safe Mode (at the start of the computer, press F8), or safe mode with command prompt to remove suspicious programs and references to them in the Windows Registry (run “regedit” from the command line to open the registry editor, command line you can find if you click the Windows icon in the lower right corner if you are using Vista).

Search engines are excellent tools to find out whether a particular process in Registry is harmful or not. Sometimes you can also find information about that particular virus you have and how to remove it manually

Removal of viruses ahead of time may be necessary because some viruses are not going to let an antivirus work.

Step 2: Scanning System

Now you can scan your system using your antivirus software to identify and locate any computer viruses. There is nothing that can prevent your antivirus program to locate, identify and neutralize the virus on your computer

Step 3: Eliminate the virus

There are generally two ways to eliminate a computer virus Virus:
Virus Removal – When the virus can be easily identified and can be removed without affecting other files, your antivirus software does this
Quarantine – This occurs when the virus can not be easily distinguished and removed. Then, the entire file is removed. The file moves to “quarantine” of your anti-virus software
Your computer should now be virus-free

Step 4: Perform a full system scan

Even after the virus has been removed from the system, the next step is to scan the entire system to ensure that no infected files left.

What if the Antivirus Fails?

It may happen that your antivirus software does not detect and get rid of the virus. Then there is a b-flat. The downside of the b-plan is that it is not easy to implement it. When you looked through the task manager and registered it on above found suspicious processes that you googled. Maybe you got then forward the name of the virus. When you know the name, you can in some antivirus companies find the special script that removes this particular virus. Example, if you know it’s Conficker you get into your computer, then googling you “Conficker virus removal tool” to find appropriate tools

If you can not obtain the name and manages to remove it only remains to reformat your computer

In such cases you can follow the steps below:

* Formatting the hard drive
* Install a new operating system
* Install antivirus software and the latest updates.

This often leads to the loss of important data on your computer, such as private pictures, so it is important that you make a backup, and the info on your backup is screened by your antivirus software so that the virus does not remain there.